Lost and Found Dogs: What to do

List created by Mission Paws’ible

Sometimes it happens to the best of us. Maybe the gate was left open. Maybe they wandered out on their own. Maybe they were stolen. Losing your dog can be stressful, but there are ways you can track them down.

  1. Check local markets. Visit the Denpasar Bird Market, the animal market in Sanglah near Sanglah Hospital, or the Bringkit animal market in Tabanan.
  2. Check local RW warungs. If you have a local dog, be sure to check nearby RW warungs. For more info, visit People Against Bali Dog Meat
  3. Check the local pet selling Facebook Groups such as: 
    1. Bali Dog Lover [K]
    2.  Bali Dog Lover
    3. Dog Lovers Bali
    4. Bali Dog Lover Denpasar
    5. Dog Lovers Bali
    6. Anjing Dijual Bali
    7. Anjing Dijual Di BALI (Dog Lover)
  4. Check social media groups. They might have seen your dog, or they can be on the lookout for you.
    1. Bali Lost & Found
    2. Bali Community
    3. Bali Expats
    4. Ubud Community
    5. Sanur Expat
    6. I Love Bali Dogs
    7. Bali Adopt Rehome Pets
    8. Canggu Community
    9. Canggu & Seminyak Community
    10. Seminyak Umalas & Kerobokan Community

Need more help?

Read a full list of things you can do to find your lost dog from Mission Paws’ible. They have spent a lot of time creating a great resource for people looking for their dogs. We highly recommend their detailed guide and wish you the best of luck!


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