Can't adopt? Save a life and foster an animal!

Living in Bali can be challenging for want-to-be pet owners. One challenge is the difficulty of moving an animal off the island. Even if your time in Bali is short-term, you still can enjoy the love and companionship of an animal. How? By fostering!

Fostering is agreeing to take a homeless dog or cat into your home and give them love, care and attention, either for a set amount of time or until the animal is adopted.

Why Foster?

In Bali, there are more animals than there is space in shelters or in homes. But that never means we should give up! Fostering can save lives. Here are a few reasons why fostering is amazing:

  • It helps rescue groups who already have TOO many animals. 
  • It gives the foster animal a stable environment to learn how to trust humans, how to live in a home, and how to be around other animals.
  • It prevents deadly diseases from being spread. Unvaccinated kittens and puppies are at risk of catching some highly contagious, highly fatal diseases. By keeping the kitten or puppy safe in your home, you not only protect that animal, but all of the other unvaccinated animals in the shelter.

What is required of me?

As a foster, you are expected to provide a safe, healthy environment for the animal, feed them, and give them more love than they have ever experienced before!

You will be responsible for food, which is usually under 100,000IDR per week, depending on what kind of food you get. If you foster through a rescue group, medical costs (like vaccinations, medicines and sterilizations) is provided by the rescue center.

But what if I fall in love with the animal?

We hear this a lot. Letting go of a foster animal is the hardest part. The way we think about it is this: We are opening our home and giving unconditional love to an animal who has gotten the shortest end of the stick in life. Most homeless animals are abandoned, thrown away, and rejected. If keeping a foster animal means you can’t take in another homeless animal in need, then you could be missing out. The other dogs and cats in need are definitely missing out.

While each adoption saves a life, a great foster parent can save many lives by socializing and rehabilitating homeless animals. (Besides, if you ever do find the perfect pet, there are ways to move the animal from Bali.)

Interested in fostering? Contact any one of the amazing rescue groups in Bali to see how you can help!


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