Bali Rescuers

from A to Z


Many beautiful rescued dogs looking for forever homes.

Angel of Paws Bali

A solo rescuer who cares for and finds homes for rescued Bali dogs.

Bali Hound Helpers

A solo rescuer wanting to help and educate locals in pet care.


A no kill shelter aiming to relieve the suffering, starvation, abuse and neglect of Bali’s street dogs.


Provides emergency response and rescue, food and medication, rehabilitation and adoption.

I Love Bali Dogs

A partnership between two friends who work tirelessly trying to promote the ancient Dogs of Bali since 2006.

Lucky Dog Rescue

Every animal deserves a chance at a healthy, safe and happy life.

Mission Paws'ible

We believe every rescue mission is possible by working together.

Oka’s Rescue

Oka in Dalung has several rescues in her boarding who need re-homing.

Bali Dog Halfway House

Helping solo rescuers by providing a place for dogs to stay until adoption.

The Odd Cat

Helping cats and kittens find new homes by featuring them in a cat cafe in Canggu.

Villa Kitty

A refuge for abandoned cats, we rehabilitate, immunise, sterilise & rehome.

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