Oreo is:

  • about 2 years old
  • male
  • vaccinated
  • sterilized

My name is Oreo. I’m a big boy who is full of love. When I was little, my paw got broken, and because I was a street cat, it got healed, but in the wrong place. I now have a funny looking paw. But it really doesn’t bother me. Come meet me and you’ll see. I love to play, especially with the laser pointer, I can jump and run just like any other cat (almost). Because of my paw, I need to live indoors, as the floor outside could hurt me. I am very loving and can be very demanding of cuddles, I might even give you love bites. I promise i won’t do it too hard. I like other cats, but they tend to be scared of me as I am quite big. I am still learning on how to play with them. I can be a little jealous of other cats cuddling with you, and will try to get you all to myself, but I am making efforts to share the love.

If you think you might be the purrfect hooman for me, come and visit me at The Odd Cat.