Kit Kat is:

  • 3 years old
  • female
  • vaccinated
  • sterilized 

My name is KitKat The First. I am a strong, independent woman with a gorgeous calico coat. Some people say I can be a little too feisty, but that’s because they didn’t take the time to know me. In reality, I am a real softy inside and once you have gained my trust, I will let you rub my belly. 

I used to be very insecure, scared of my own shadow, after my family went back to their country and left me with stranger. It took my several months to be able to trust again. It was a long process. But I got through it. I am now living a good life, but I don’t go along with everyone in the cafe. 

I would love my own forever home, preferably not with young children. I love cuddles and playtime but I have a limit and I am not scared to let people know when enough is enough. I don’t mind being with another cat, as long as I am the boss and the other cat has a strong enough personality to tell me when I’ve gone too far. 

If you think you are the purrfect hooman for me, come and visit me at The Odd Cat.