Abel is: 

  • male
  • 1 year old 
  • vaccinated
  • sterilized

My name is Abel, and I’m a very lucky cat. Let me tell you a bit more about how I ended up in the cat cafe. 

In September, a lovely Australian lady found me in the street. I was only about 2 months old. I was sick and too small to survive on my own, so she picked me up and tried to find someone who would take me home. She loved me very much but was going back to Australia the next day and therefore couldn’t keep me. She tried to take me to Villa Kitty, or The Odd Cat cafe, but both places were already closed and full with other cats. No one could help, and she was running out of time. She took me to the vet, who also wouldn’t let me stay there without a proper owner. She finally decided that the only thing she could do was to put me to sleep, so I wouldn’t have to die alone in the street. She was crying as she filled up the papers. At the same time, an Indonesian lady walked in, and asked if she could hold me for a while. She asked my rescuer what was happening and was so sad to hear my story. She talked to the doctor and said that if I had a chance to make it, she would take care of me until she has to leave Bali in November. The vet said I only had an eye infection and would be ok with some proper food and a safe place to sleep. I was so relieved, I climbed up her shirt and snuggled in her neck. 

Once November came, she asked The Odd Cat if they could take me, as I was healthy and already vaccinated. It was hard to say goodbye to my foster mom. We love each other very much. But I understand she had to go. 

I love living in the cafe. I have made lots of friends, cats and human, I get fed yummy food and get cuddles everyday. Howeve, I’d love to have my own human and home. I’d suit any household. I like playing with kids and even dogs as long as they are nice to me. I’m a good cockroach hunter too if you need my services. 

Come and meet me at The Odd Cat, and fall in love with me.