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Some pups looking for a snuggle

Some kitties looking for a home

Helping connect dogs and cats to their forever homes.

We list all adoptable dogs and cats from major rescuers in Bali on one website. Our goal: to help more animals find their forever homes, and to help you find your perfect pet. Adopt your next dog or cat today!

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Planning to Adopt?

Bringing Your New Dog Home

You finally found the perfect pup and you're excited to bring them home! Before you do, get a few essentials and be prepared for creating a good home for the dog.

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About your cat

Preparing your home for your new cat

New experiences can be scary. A new place, new smells, new family. Here's all you need to know, from what to buy to what to expect, when you bring your new cat home.

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Prevent suffering

The Importance of Sterilizing Your Pet

Many people ask why sterilizing is a good idea. Besides the fact that it helps reduce unwanted animals, it also is known to help your animal's health and longevity.

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Can't Adopt?

Can't adopt? Save a life and foster an animal!

By removing unvaccinated animals from the clinic environment their immune systems are stronger, their social skills are better and their love is unconditional.

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